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Sebacic Acid

Sebacic Acid

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Sebacic Acid is Green Product as it is manufactured from Castor Oil (Vegetable Oil – Castor is a Native Omani Plant). The commercial application of sebacic acid are as follows:

Sebacic acid is used in formulation as a pH corrector in Cosmetics and skin care.

The Sebacic acid is also widely used to produce sebacates esters such as DIPS or DIS (diisopropylsebacate), DOS (diethylhexylsebacate), DES (diethyl sebacate) and DBS (dibutyl sebacate).

These sebacate are used as emollient, masking (reducing or inhibiting the basic odour of the product), hair and skin conditioning.

Sebacate esters ensure good penetration to give a non-oily and silky skin

These esters are also recognized to be good pigment dispersant (DOS), be good Sun Protection Factor (SPF) booster (DIPS blended), and prevent whitening in antiperspirant (DIPS).

Sebacic acid, is widely used to produce a various range of Bio-Nylons and Bio-plastics.

It provides better properties than those given by adipic acid or by azelaic acid.

The most famous application of sebacic acid in the plastics world is the manufacture of polyamides (PA 6.10, PA 4.10, PA 10.10, etc.).

Sebacic acid provides better flexibility, ductility, hydrophobicity, and lower melting temperature compared to Diacids.

Sebacic acid is widely used to produce corrosion inhibitor. the main application of this is in coolant (anti freeze) fluids for aircraft, automotive and truck engines.

Sebacic acid is also a raw material to produce sebacate diesters (DOS , DBS , DMS ) used in complexed greases or lubricants.

These esters are used as base oils for high performance lubricants (automotive, aerospace turbines, high reliability industrial hydraulics and compressor systems).


HSN CODE: 29171300

1 Appearance White Powder/Granule
2 Moisture Content 0.3% Max
3 Ash Content 0.02% Max
4 Purity 99.50% Min
5 Color (APHA) 10 to 20 Max
6 Acid Value 542 – 558
7 Melting Point (oC) 131 – 134.5
8 Granularity Residual on 60 mesh:85% Min